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From now on, your family will have the peace of mind it was missing, it will be protected in case of any accident that may happen. In addition, you will be able to count on the opinion of specialists and assistance, inside and outside the home.

We want you and your family to feel as comfortable as possible. Our specialists will provide you with a food plan according to your needs and the rhythm of life you lead, so they will be able to support you:

In Toka Cuidarte you will have a world of benefits at your fingertips.    Desclub is the largest and most exclusive discount and medical network in Mexico, with more than 8,000 stores nationwide.

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Food vouchers are benefits offered by companies to their employees that can be used in different establishments, usually through an electronic purse such as Toka. In this article we tell you how to check the balance of my Toka card? Which are the affiliated stores? How can I activate my Toka card?

Toka Internacional S. A. P. I. de C. V. is a company dedicated to the issuance of food, fuel and travel vouchers through electronic wallets, which are granted to workers of private and government companies.

You should know that, generally, these products are already activated at the time they are delivered to the worker; otherwise, to activate your Toka Card it will be necessary to enter the «Register» section in its official website www.toka.com.mx.

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Toka is a group of cards managed as electronic purses for groceries and fuel authorized by the SAT, as well as service cards for travel expenses for private companies and government entities.

This card is delivered to you activated, you only need to check your balance; you must make at least one transaction in a period of three months for it not to be deactivated, however, you can reactivate it by calling the Customer Service Center.

The stores affiliated to the Toka card can offer you great promotions and discounts, so you should continuously check the website to know which ones are in force at that moment.

Toka has also tried to focus on technology and consumer needs, that is why they created Toka mobile, a phone plan that in addition to including internet and calls, includes the service of a virtual credit card.

After entering the SIM, download the app to your cell phone, which will allow you to include a virtual credit card (VISA) so you can enjoy and take advantage of all the options offered by the digital world.

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