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How to check the balance of your up si vale card and register in the

If you are wondering where Sí Vale is accepted, don’t worry, in this text we will tell you the participating merchants. In addition, we will try to solve other doubts such as: is it possible to withdraw cash from the card, how do I activate the Sí Vale card and how do I check my Sí Vale balance?
If you receive food vouchers or if you have the Up Sí Vale food voucher card, supported by Mastercard, VISA or Carnet, we will show you the most important affiliated merchants in Mexico where you can use this payment method:
In addition to the Sí Vale pantry vouchers, you should know that any of the Up Sí Vale cards are accepted at virtually any point-of-sale terminal, and it depends on the type of benefit you have: pantry, gasoline, travel, restaurants. Here is an example:
The Up Sí Vale card has national and international acceptance in establishments that have point-of-sale terminals such as self-service stores, department stores, pharmacies, restaurants, convenience stores, butcher shops, toy stores, among others.

Up sí vale affiliates

Before making a purchase, it is necessary to check the balance of your card. On this occasion, Up Si Vale offers a series of options for each one of its users. And if you need to make an inquiry, but you don’t have an Internet connection available, you can also do it with your mobile or smartphone. Do you want to know how? Here are the details.
An alternative to the methods mentioned above is to make a quick query from the application; you must have it downloaded and installed on your smartphone (it is available for iOS and Android). You don’t know how to download it. You just need to access the app store and type in the Up Si Vale search engine; you will have to select the first available option.
When you have downloaded and installed the APP you will only have to search for it among the applications on your mobile and run it. After that, the APP will open and you will only need to type the 16 digits of your card. This will be enough to access the company’s online platform and check the Si Vale card.

App up sí vale

To do this we begin by explaining that voucher cards are benefits for different types of products and services, many people are sometimes confused about where they can use it, however if they do not know the card how can they know that kind of answers?
If you have the Up yes voucher card, then surely you are wondering how you can check and know the amount you have left in those coupons. Well, the person simply has several ways, which we are going to mention below:
One of the most common mistakes when wanting to use this service, is to think that you can withdraw cash at ATMs. Although it is really valid, because food vouchers generally do not allow it according to SAT rules.
The question now is to know where you can use this card, since the stores where you buy it must have agreements with Up sí Vale. Therefore, we are going to list the products that can be consumed with these vouchers:
This offers a more extensive opportunity to be able to use the card throughout the country, to the point of having access to any point of sale. However, depending on the service, the person may or may not be able to make use of this benefit, because as mentioned before it can be used for: Groceries, gasoline, travel, restaurants, etc.

How to use your card

To check your balance online, you need of course an internet connection and also a cell phone or laptop, PC, whatever you have at hand to make the corresponding query, here are the steps to follow.
Before you can check your balance on the official website of Up Sí Vale, you will have to register on the page CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, fill out the form that appears on the page and click on the Register button.
As you can see, checking your balance is quite easy, fast and you don’t need to move from your current location, something that today we have to thank to the new technologies.
As you know, the Up Si Vale card is used in different areas of everyday life that we all use frequently and where we have to make constant investments because they are part of the basic consumption of all Mexicans, so there are different types of electronic purses or vouchers, Up Si Vale has several, among them you may have been granted one: