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Online Balance Inquiry Oxxo Saldazo: How to Inquire and everything you should knowCitibanamex is one of the Mexican banks with the longest trajectory in the financial sector. Its original name was Banamex, but it was changed in 2016 as a result of a corporate image renovation. If you are a new user of this bank, it is likely that you will arrive here with interest in knowing how to make a Saldazo card balance inquiry. In this guide you can learn about this topic and which are the ways to do it safely.
Citibanamex and Oxxo are the creators of the Saldazo card, a prepaid product that works to buy in all the stores associated with the Visa system. To acquire these cards you do not need a banking history, just a few identity requirements, which is why it is the ideal choice for customers who need to acquire a card quickly and without much protocol. How to check the balance of my Oxxo Banamex Saldazo card?
After you have formalized your registration in the Oxxo system and you have your Saldazo card you can start making all the purchases you want according to the amount of funds you have available. The places and sites where you can use these Banamex cards are:Oxxo storesWith these electronic wallets people can make all the purchases they want at Oxxo stores. Within the stores of this chain there is a wide variety of food products and for other household categories, another benefit is that users of Saldazo cards can enjoy all the discounts and promotions of the company. Visa merchantsSaldazo Banamex cards are enabled to pay for products and services at any store that accepts Visa, so you can also use these products when shopping at all establishments nationwide.Internet shoppingIn case you want to shop online, you can do it through online stores such as Amazon, Costco, Walmart, ADO, Forever 21, Club Premier, Famsa, Mary Kay, among others. To read the complete list of these sites you can visit the Banamex website.

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For the Oxxo Saldazo balance inquiry card it is not necessary to have complicated documentation, as the card continues with its motto of being one of the easiest to use in the market since it does not require you to be registered in any banking institution or to have a current bank account.
When your work requires it or you need to transfer money from another bank account to your Saldazo account, it is basically the same dynamic as with other transfers, although it is not necessary to have a bank account, with the Saldazo account you can transfer money from other institutions such as Banamex, Bancomer, Banco Azteca, Santander.

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What is it, how does it work, can I use my Saldazo card at Paypal, is it really convenient to apply for it? In the following analysis we invite you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the Citibanamex OXXO Saldazo Card so that you can decide if its proposal is what you have been looking for.
The Saldazo Card is a prepaid card, that is, a plastic to which you deposit money and, as you use it, you consume those funds.  It has gained strength due to its ease of use, since you do not have to open a bank account and it does not require a credit history.
Formerly called Tarjeta Saldazo Banamex, it was launched in 2014 with the intention of becoming the first banking product for those people who are part of the informal economy or for those young people who do not necessarily receive a payroll payment in a traditional account.
Obtaining the plastic is really simple, since basically anyone can go to an OXXO store and apply for it, covering the corresponding amount of $50 (it is not possible to apply for the Citibanamex Saldazo Card at bank branches).