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Certificate of applicable legislation. It serves to prove that you pay social security contributions in another EU country, for example, if you are a posted worker or work in several countries at the same time.
Authorization to receive scheduled medical treatment in another EU or EFTA country. You should receive the same treatment as residents of that country, but also, perhaps, advance a percentage of the costs.
Circumstances that may affect your entitlement to unemployment benefits. Inform the employment services of the country paying your benefits of changes in your situation that may result in a review of benefit payments.
Summary of pension decisions. Submit the decisions taken in your case by the various bodies in the EU countries in which you have applied for a retirement, survivor’s or disability pension.

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If you wish to file a Form I-765 associated with an application for which the date of receipt is retroactive under the Vangala case, you must submit the current version of the Form I-765. The eligibility requirements in effect on the retroactive receipt date of your application will be those that will apply to your application and you must include a copy of your new retroactive-dated receipt notice indicating the earlier date.
For applicants filing Form I-765 to apply for an initial employment authorization document under category (c)(8), Asylum Applicant and for Suspension of Removal after August 25, 2021, the $85 biometrics fee will be required unless you are a CASA and ASAP member (see Update: Preliminary Injunction Affecting CASA and ASAP Members, below). If you would have been eligible to file Form I-765 under category (c)(8) before August 25, 2020, based on your new date of receipt under Vangala, you are not required to pay the biometric services fee.

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If it is not possible to present the request in writing, it will be presented verbally, and the applicant’s statements will be recorded in a document. If, for any reason, the applicant is unable to communicate verbally, ONPAR will take the necessary measures to record such statements in the corresponding document.
Article 7. Non-refundability.  It is the right of the applicant for refugee status and the refugee, not to be returned to the country where his life, safety or personal liberty is in danger. The principle of non-refoulement also includes the prohibition of rejection at the border.
The principle of non-refoulement shall be applied and respected, from the moment the person expresses orally or in writing to the primary receiving authority, its intention to formalize an application for refugee status. The Ministry of Government, through the National Office for Attention to Refugees, will be responsible for ensuring compliance.

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At HRA we are on our way to reopening our centers, but with ACCESS HRA you can save yourself the trip and apply for SNAP, cash assistance, special grants and more online. If ACCESS HRA is unable to meet your needs, call 311 or check the HRA centers page for more information on opening centers.
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which used to be known as food stamps, provides food assistance for low-income New Yorkers.
HRA’s Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) serves parents and guardians regardless of income or immigration status. Any parent or guardian caring for a child can go to the OCSS offices in each Family Court to apply for child support services. The child support program also offers a number of valuable services to non-custodial parents. For in-person assistance, visit the OCSS Family Court offices or the OCSS Walk-In Customer Service Center at 151 West Broadway in Lower Manhattan.