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The Complaints and Suggestions procedure applies exclusively to citizens’ expressions of dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.
Service Charters are the instrument through which the bodies, agencies and entities of the General State Administration inform citizens and users about the services they are entrusted with, about the rights they have in relation to those services and about the quality commitments in their provision.
In the event that the Complaints and Suggestions procedure is applicable, the UQS will provide citizens with a response within 20 working days, informing them of the actions taken and, where appropriate, the measures adopted.

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2.2. DEADLINES FOR PRESENTING PREVENTIONS IN PHYSICAL FILING PROCEDURES: Within 10 working days from the day following the date of notification of the corresponding resolution, the interested party must make an appointment for the presentation of the documents that have been requested. If the appointment is not made within the indicated term, the application will be rejected as inadmissible, due to lack of requirements. In the event that the obligation to make the respective appointment is complied with, the deadline for submitting the required documentation will be extended until the date of the appointment. It is clarified that the extensions of the deadline for the presentation of the required documents do not apply to
2.8. PRESENTATION OF APPEALS: It shall be made by appointment, which must be arranged within three days following receipt of the notification of the corresponding denial resolution. Once the appointment is obtained, the term to file the appeal is extended until the day and time of the corresponding appointment.

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When using form authentication in an ASP.NET application, you will find it necessary to troubleshoot a problem that occurs when the user randomly redirects to the login page. In an ideal world, this problem would occur in a way that allows you to attach to a debugger and catch the problem easily. In production environments, however, this rarely happens. To troubleshoot a random problem like this, you need to record information related to the problem so that you can narrow down the root cause.In this article, we will briefly explain the concept of form authentication. We will then discuss in what situations lead to a user being redirected to the login page and how to capture data that is relevant to isolate the problem. We will also discuss how to implement an IHttpModule interface to record form authentication information.

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Read carefully all the questions in the application. Answer clearly. The questions with an asterisk at the end (*) are mandatory, therefore, if you do not complete them the system will not allow you to move forward.
4.- The Socioeconomic Assistance Office is not responsible for the incorrect typing of the applicant’s e-mail address, which will be used to send information of interest during the application process. Please check this information carefully.
8.- Do not forget to fill out the affidavit corresponding to the socio-economic scholarship application, which must be signed by all applicants; it cannot be signed by third parties. You can find it in socioeconomic scholarship: Affidavit for the socioeconomic scholarship application.