Como pagar total play en seven eleven

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With the 7-Eleven Bill Pay service you can make a wide variety of service payments from a single place, the nearest 7-Eleven store, and save time, in a fast, agile and simple way.
Making a Service Payment at 7 Eleven will help you optimize your time and make all your turns in one store. Stop dealing with those long lines at the branches of each company, better pay at 7 Eleven.
You just need to go to the nearest store and bring the receipt of the service you want to pay for. In addition, you can also make other types of services such as Bank Deposits and Credit Card payments.
This is undoubtedly the great advantage of making your payments at the seven instead of going to the branch of each company. The convenience of making all payments from one place, and the flexible schedules that convenience stores offer us.

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To check your Totalplay Account Statement you can do it through the My Totalplay Account portal through Totalplay’s official website or through the My Totalplay App or through the email address you have assigned as the owner of the Totalplay package you have contracted.
If you need to have your Totalplay Account Statement in physical format, you will have to download it through the My Totalplay portal. The process is very similar in most cases. We share with you the steps to do so:
You can pay your Totalplay Account Statement through the different available platforms offered by Totalplay. Consider that some of them can be paid in cash and others by credit or debit card:

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If you decide to go to one of Totalplay’s windows to pay, all you need is your service information. There are also many places where you can do it, such as bank counters, convenience stores and pharmacies.
Another simple way to pay for Totalplay’s services without leaving your home is to do it through its portal.    This type of service is known as PSE, which is an electronic tool to make payments in an easy, fast and secure way.
Once you enter the site you can select the Electronic Service Provider (PSE), there you must enter the code from your bank statement to provide your bank account information to pay the amount established by the company.
The company allows you to make payments with a bank account in seven banking institutions. To do so, enter your digital banking to register this payment either as a recurring charge, or enter the data to settle the service.

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Totalplay is a very user-friendly company that allows you to make payments for its services from the comfort of your home or give you the opportunity to pay at the first convenience store that comes your way.
These options greatly simplify your life since you can make payments from the comfort of your home, from your work or even if you are out and about, you can go to one of the self-service stores.
Payments made at bank branches or ATMs will be reflected within 24 to 48 hours after the transaction, so we recommend you to make the payment process during the first 10 days after the generation of your payment receipt.
Another payment option regarding banks is by bank transfer that you can make from your bank’s portal or mobile application. To do so, you must register your payment with SPEI using your personalized CLABE that you can find in the «Bank Transfers» section.