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It can also be done through an attorney-in-fact who is empowered to process and receive the letter of instruction for the release of the mortgage guarantee, and in addition to the documents mentioned above, a copy of the power of attorney and valid official identification with photograph of the attorney-in-fact must be submitted. In the absence of the power of attorney, a simple power of attorney must be attached in original, as well as the valid official identification with photograph of the principal (beneficiary, who grants the power of attorney and authorizes another person to carry out the procedure on his behalf), the attorney-in-fact (who accepts the power of attorney to carry out the procedure on behalf of the beneficiary) and the witnesses who appear in the simple power of attorney.

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So how do we know when our debt has really been sold to a third party? It is quite simple, just get your SPECIAL CREDIT REPORT in the CREDIT BUREAU, go to the DETAIL section, and check if the key appears: CV CUENTA VENCIDA VENDIDA VENDIDA (CV EXPIRED ACCOUNT SOLD). If it says so, then indeed, your debt already belongs to a company that buys past due accounts receivable (no, it is not a simple collection agency) and the name of said company will appear there.
Next, according to Art 27 Bis of the law to regulate Credit Information Companies, we provide you with the data where you can obtain information on the address of the purchaser or assignee of the portfolio for those cases of loans sold or assigned to a third party with whom you had no relationship, until now:

Sociedad hipotecaria federal

You should understand that Su Casita’s bankruptcy does not imply that its clients can stop paying their mortgage loans, as there are now collection companies that will contact them so that they can settle their debts, informed Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF).
«A Federal Judge declared Su Casita’s bankruptcy according to the request of this Financial Entity, which does not cancel or modify the terms of the housing loans originated by Su Casita to individuals or legal entities,» warned the institution in a statement.