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There are really two: the first is used to manage the Guardadito Azteca savings account, and the second is used to use a line of credit granted by the bank through the Azteca, Azteca Guaranteed Gold and VAS cards.
The Guardadito Azteca account is «worthwhile» for those who do not have proof of income (housewives, young people who do not meet bank requirements, etc.) and are looking for an option to shop in thousands of stores, in addition to the security of not having to carry cash.
The Azteca Credit Card can be a convenient option for all those cardholders who have a credit history and usually make purchases at the group’s stores, since it offers discounts and exclusive payment facilities compared to other banks’ cards.
On the other hand, the Tarjeta Oro Garantizada Azteca and the Tarjeta VAS are alternatives that «break the mold», since, being guaranteed, they allow you to start or repair your credit history (something that allows people with certain problems in Buró to become credit candidates again).

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Gold cards have benefits related to air travel, accommodations, rewards that can be obtained in cash, discounts and others, in addition to having attention services not available in classic cards and lower interest rates.
Although Gold Credit Cards have requirements that differ from one institution to another, in general terms they can be considered to be aimed at the upper middle class, with average minimum income of around 40,000 pesos per month. Some institutions offer them with 7,000 pesos monthly income. Among the main cards are:

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Banco Azteca es un banco que opera en México, Panamá, Guatemala, Honduras, Perú y El Salvador. Sus productos son el crédito al consumo de bienes, los préstamos personales, los préstamos a pequeñas empresas, las tarjetas de crédito, las hipotecas y los sistemas de nómina.