Inbursa tarjeta de credito sin buro

applying for a credit card

Credit cards in Mexico have certain requirements that most users know perfectly well: minimum income (which depends on the type of plastic you want to apply for), good credit history with another card, official identification, etc. In this article we tell you what the requirements are and how to obtain the Walmart Inbursa Card.
Although it is a full-fledged credit card (it is backed by Mastercard for use at affiliated stores and not only at Walmart), only frequent Walmart shoppers will be able to make the most of it, why do we say so? Well, just take a look at its benefits:

credit cards

It is a payroll income receiving account with which you will be able to optimize the management of salary payments and with the possibility of obtaining high yields2. It is an excellent option in the market for both employees and companies, since it offers high yields2 at low costs.
You can have access to a Payroll Credit which offers personal credits of up to 5 months of salary at different terms of 12, 24, 36 and up to 48 months, with a fixed annual rate of 28% plus V.A.T. without penalties for prepayment or early liquidation1.

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This is the additional savings you make to your individual AFORE account which, depending on your objectives and priorities, can be used for future spending or investment, or to increase the amount of your pension1.
Voluntary Savings and Solidarity Savings are more than just a means of supplementing your pension resources, since these contributions are also a very important and valuable option for obtaining higher returns than other savings alternatives2. Make them and start saving in your Afore!
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El Grupo Financiero Inbursa ofrece diversos productos y servicios financieros a particulares y empresas en México. Las principales actividades de la empresa se estructuran en cuatro líneas de negocio: banca comercial, gestión de activos, seguros y banca de inversión. La empresa se dedica a la prestación de servicios como tarjetas de crédito y débito, préstamos personales, hipotecas, depósitos a plazo fijo, fondos de inversión, servicios de intermediación, financiación de empresas, pólizas de seguros y fondos de pensiones, entre otros. También ofrece servicios de intermediación bursátil y del mercado monetario y de capitales. Fundada en 1985, la empresa tiene su sede en Ciudad de México, México.