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El formato camt.054 le proporciona la información necesaria sobre todas las transacciones ingresadas en su cuenta. Esto incluye la información sobre las transacciones SEPA en los pagos estándar en euros. Los informes en camt.054 le permiten realizar el procesamiento de las transacciones individuales ingresadas en su cuenta como una cifra total. El camt.054 es una alternativa a MT900 Confirmation Debit, y MT910 Confirmation Credit.
Las reglas de contabilización decidirán qué hacer con la transacción EBS entrante. Las reglas de contabilización se asignan con los tipos de transacciones externas. Seleccione + o – dependiendo de si la transacción aumenta (+) (depósito) o disminuye (-) (retiro) el saldo de la cuenta bancaria.
En nuestro ejemplo, hemos utilizado sólo el área de contabilización 1. Esto significa que sólo se producirá una contabilización en la contabilidad bancaria para cada tipo de transacción externa. Consulte los asientos contables 3 y 6 a continuación. Tenga en cuenta que SWISHMAIN y SWISHCLEARING son sólo símbolos de cuentas. Los GLs ya han sido asignados con los símbolos de las cuentas.

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Good Afternoon; I would like to receive advice regarding the following: I acquired a credit with discounts via Payroll with Financiera Etesa or Refácil, I do not know the reason for both Social Reasons, the discounts would be via Payroll, the total amount of the Credit was for the amount of $15,000.00 pesos, the discounts would be made on a biweekly basis for the amount of $400.00 pesos which I do not remember the time during which the discount would be because unfortunately I can not find the contract I signed, now….
6 months ago I took out a payroll loan in Banorte, as those loans are handled they have been charging me punctually as well as depositing my payroll, however I just changed banks to deposit my payroll and along with this my income has been very unstable, the truth is that it would help me a lot not to pay that loan at this time.
What’s up friends, a month ago, in December to be exact, I applied for a loan with one of those companies that are published in free newspapers. The thing is that they gave me the option to take out the credit, to leave an object in pledge, or to pay an insurance, then, I decided to pay the insurance with a cost of $1835 pesos, they gave me a folder with all the data of the »insurer», I have to make a first deposit of $429 for fees and then they can give me my check of the loan, but …