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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ has a post-credits scene that undoubtedly functions both as an homage, as well as to give us flight with some theories about the implication it could have on the future of the superheroine.

Actually, it is a mid-credits sequence and it is an homage, although it also has a relevant implication in the plot. In the scene we see Lynda Carter, the actress who played Wonder Woman between 1975 and 1979 in the TV series. Since Wonder Woman Jenkins had asked her for a cameo, however, at that time the interpreter’s schedule with the production did not fit, but in the sequel they managed to make a team.

It turns out that Carter has the role of a character named Asteria, which refers to a previous scene in the film. Recall that when Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) tells Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) the origin of her golden armor, she mentions that it originally belonged to a warrior who sacrificed herself on Earth, since she stayed in the world of men to receive the wrath of humanity, while the rest of the Amazons moved to Themyscira; it was Asteria.

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Wonder Woman 1984 is very close to finally being released. In the United States it will be released simultaneously in theaters and on streaming via HBO Max. The first reactions are already on the net and with it the big question: Is there a post-credits scene in Patty Jenkins’ film?

Specialized media that have already been able to see Wonder Woman 1984 and most agree that the film has «a powerful message of hope» that comes «at the right time». However, none have specified whether the film contains a scene after the credits. And the answer is simple, since that extra sequence exists… but it has not been screened at the press previews.

It was director Patty Jenkins herself who revealed in an interview with CinemaBlend that indeed the sequel does have a post-credits scene, which will be available when Wonder Woman 1984 is released both in theaters and streaming. «Yes,» the filmmaker answered flatly when asked about it.

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MoviesWonder Woman 1984 has a surprising post-credits scene that thrills fansThe popular DC comics superheroine wrapped up her most recent release with a gift her diehard fans of all time.  By Andrea Petersen26-12-2020 – 12:03hs CLT

CommentsTime Out(Photo: DC)The incredible HBOMax premiere has a surprise for fans at the end credits of DC’s Amazonian warrior movie starring Gal Gador.

Carter, was the first version of Diana Prince, starring in the classic television show Wonder Woman for three seasons from 1975-1979. Just days before the release of Wonder Woman 1984, HBO Max made the original series available for streaming.

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Wonder Woman 1984/Mujer Maravilla 1984, the sequel to the 2017 blockbuster film about the DC Comics superheroine, opened this weekend in international theaters in advance of its U.S. debut on December 25.

Among the leaks, a scene was revealed that until now had been kept secret, because in the version of the film seen by specialized critics it was not included: the post-credits scene.

In many places you can see descriptions and even images of that and other scenes, so fans should start to be careful with spoilers because they are already circulating on social networks.

In November, Warner Bros. had set the Chilean premiere date for Wonder Woman 1984 for January, but with the worsening of the pandemic in the Metropolitan region and other areas of the country, it is not known if it will be maintained.