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If you no longer want your package, you can cancel megacable at any time. We explain how to cancel megacable online, by phone and in branches, as well as the requirements to do it for free.
Be very careful with your megacable cancellation date. If it is only one day after your cut-off date, you will have to pay the next monthly fee. We recommend that you cancel after paying the current month’s monthly fee.
You cannot cancel Megacable by email, but you can request information on further requirements. The email address is atenció We recommend that you contact Megacable’s customer service department.

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Customers who no longer want to continue with the contract they have with the telecommunications company and do not know how to do it. This article will explain the whole process to cancel Megacable, the different ways and what is required to terminate this affiliation.
They managed to be in nineteen states of Mexico, and placing in their promotions other services such as buying on-demand programming through Xview. Today they have more than 60,000 kilometers of fiber optic cabling throughout Mexico, placing them among the top cable companies that operate by this means in Mexico.
One of the means used to cancel Megacable is through the networks. It is a process that does not take long and is simple. You only need to communicate with an employee through the online chat and follow the instructions:
How to Cancel Megacable will be explained below, in person at any of the company’s offices. To do so, it is necessary that at the time of attendance you present yourself with the following indications:

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El holding mexicano Megacable ha anunciado oficialmente este martes 23 de febrero el lanzamiento de Xview+, su nueva plataforma de vídeo interactivo basada en Android TV, cuya interfaz permite a sus abonados acceder a Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO y YouTube, así como a los canales lineales de televisión de pago. Junto a los STBs Xview+, la compañía lanzó nuevos mandos a distancia con botones con acceso directo a Netflix y Prime Video.
Según informaron desde Megacable, Xview+ está disponible a partir de esta semana en las principales ciudades donde opera el holding en México, entre ellas Guadalajara, Querétaro, Puebla, Hermosillo, Toluca, León, Veracruz, Xalapa, Culiacán, Torreón y Morelia, en las que el contenido ofrecido estará disponible en 4K. El holding también informó sus planes de ampliar el alcance de Xview+ a más ciudades en los próximos meses.
Los suscriptores de Xview+ podrán acceder a los canales de televisión lineal en HD, así como a los contenidos en directo de los canales de televisión abierta y de pago en México, también en HD. Los canales de televisión lineal son una parte esencial de la nueva plataforma Xview+, ya que forman parte del mismo ecosistema que los contenidos en streaming. En la plataforma, los canales lineales tienen características interactivas y, por lo tanto, es posible pausar, regresar, grabar y volver a ver sus contenidos tanto en un televisor como en dispositivos móviles a través de la app Xview+ Móvil’, informó Yamuni Robles.

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I asked about the supposed limit but they would not give me the information. They only mentioned that it was because I consumed 2.4 Tb of data last month. I then asked for a breakdown of my consumption and was told that they could not give me that information either.
Mario had no alternative but to cancel the contract with Totalplay, although he assures that «they take it as if you do not want the service so that you do not allege that they canceled unilaterally». He had to disconnect both the modem and the television equipment, as well as cancel the recurring charge to the card. Two days after the call his Totalplay equipment was picked up.
There will be no streams until further notice. Totalplaymx just cut our contract without notice. Arguing that we are high usage users and that we would be better off on the business plan (costs 10x more and is slower than what we had). We’re working this out…- Ninja Pollo (@nPosho) January 8, 2021
Our consumption is «not normal» but we should have been given a warning to prepare in advance. Now I just hope my data survives so I can upload videos. Careful there, colleagues with TP