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Representamos a Banco Sabadell como agente administrativo y prestamista, y a Banorte como agente de garantías y prestamista, en un crédito por MXN$690 millones otorgado a Inmobiliaria Hotelera Insurgentes 724, para la construcción del Hotel Hyatt Regency Mexico City Insurgentes.

Representamos a Banco Nacional de México, como agente administrativo, en la negociación y celebración del contrato de crédito modificado y actualizado con AT&T Comunicaciones Digitales, como acreditado, garantizado por AT&T Telecom Holdings y AT&T, con diversas instituciones financieras como acreditantes, por un monto de MXN$13,500.

Representamos a Credit Suisse, en ciertos financiamientos por MXN$3,000 millones a Mexarrend, garantizados con cuentas por cobrar, maquinaria y equipo, que la empresa irá transfiriendo de tiempo en tiempo a ciertos contratos de garantía y fuente de pago, mediante la celebración de contratos de factoraje y contratos de aportación.

Representamos a Kala Capital, en la adquisición de una participación mayoritaria en Moneta Technologies Group, y en la negociación de un contrato de crédito celebrado con Alloy Merchant Finance México, como prestamista, cuyos recursos fueron utilizados para financiar una parte de dicha adquisición.

How much does an Inbursa financial advisor earn?

The average salary that a Banking Advisor at Grupo Financiero Inbursa receives per month in Mexico is approximately $5,185, which is 35% less than the national average.

What does an Inbursa financial advisor do?

An Inbursa Advisor establishes goals with growth objectives that can be long or short term but achievable and based on a thorough analysis of the real financial situation of the company and also follows up on the financial and economic changes faced by the organization and the country’s economy to ensure that the …

How to contact Inbursa?

Meet our Call Center, we know how valuable your time is, so our priority is to provide you with the information or service you require at the following telephone numbers: CDMX and Metropolitan Area 5447 8000. Interior of the Republic 01 800 90 90000 (Toll Free)

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The renewable energy generator Abent 3T, S.A.P.I. de C.V., a subsidiary of Abengoa México, S.A. de C.V. received a credit facility from a syndicate of Mexican banks for USD 381 million. Santamarina y Steta assisted Abent 3T, as borrower and settlor and second trustee of the trust agreement, and as pledgor of a non-possessory pledge agreement. The firm also advised it in the granting of other legal instruments to secure the loan and release the pre-existing guarantees granted in favor of ABG Orphan HoldCo, S.A.R.L., Global Loan Agency Services Limited and Glas Trust Corporation Limited, entities that were represented by Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C.

Jones Day, S.C.: Partner Alberto de la Parra. Associates Arturo de la Parra, Marcela Verástegui and Adolfo Osorio. Counsel to ABG Orphan HoldCo, S.A.R.L., Global Loan Agency Services Limited and Glas Trust Corporation Limited:


The management of our business is vested in our board of directors, which is currently composed of 15 directors and their alternates. Our current directors and their alternates were elected or ratified at our annual shareholders’ meeting and will continue in office until the next annual shareholders’ meeting.

Pursuant to the LMV, at least 25% of the members of the board of directors of a publicly traded company must be independent, and currently more than half of the members are independent.

The Company has robust mechanisms in place for the identification, monitoring and management of material risks, and the directors have access to management and outside counsel, if they deem it appropriate, in order to supervise and follow up on such material risks. The Board of Directors’ supervision of the management of relevant risks is adaptable to the circumstances and changes in the risks themselves.

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Banco Inbursa has the particularity of sharing ATM network with BanBajio and Scotiabank, this means that you can perform several things and transactions from ATMs of any of these institutions without generating an additional cost per movement, as usual in any other banking institution.

First of all, you should know that a baby advisor must provide satisfaction by generating confidence in their clients, and also take into account that as advisors they must take into account that generating that the client has no doubts is something beneficial for the brand, since in this way the clients will feel confident, asking all the existing doubts.

Inbursa Advisors are the ones who provide financial advice about all the financial products of the institution. The way of working starts with the first contact meeting, after which the meeting will be used to explain your financial objectives and so that the Inbursa Advisor can outline your profile as an investor, which is defined by the risk you want to take, in terms of your investment and your own knowledge. Based on this, the Advisor will be able to find the investment plan that best suits your characteristics and needs.